my first run-in with this scarf was about two and a half years ago in dallas, texas: an alexander mcqueen silk chiffon scarf. i met fred through a friend of mine, and we went out to several different bars in dallas. towards the end of the night, i wound up with the scarf around my neck and if i hadn't been conscious of my spending habits then, i probably would have ran to the closest store to pick one up for myself.

the hardest part about all of this? deciding on which color i'd pick. black and white is always an easy choice, but should i opt for color to work into my summer wardrobe?

if you're looking to pick one up ASAP, harrod's is offering 30% off select items for their "fashion sale preview" until tomorrow (june 13), including a few alexander mcqueen skull accessories, as well as other items on their online website. don't worry - they ship to the states!


for the past 2 years, i've styled my hair the exact same way. the only thing that's changed is that i'm not afraid to brush it every now and then. i used to think that i was rocking the messy bedhead look pretty well until i realized that it just looks like i never brush my hair, which was mostly true. 

i'm ready for a change - but i don't know what kind of change. a couple of options i've laid out for myself - different kind of cut versus trim or cut & color. i'm having trouble envisioning such a drastic change but i feel like it's totally necessary. also: it's just hair! it'll grow back. 

but the big question - how can i add color into my hair that's manageable without doing an ombre? i really like the graduated color look on hair through balayage (it's a french technique where color is applied freehand to create a more natural look versus foil or cap highlighting). i've been reading a lot about balayage and the technique can yield an ombre effect, but i'm not looking to make my hair look like an at-home dip dye project. pinterest boards are full of celebrities with beautiful hair, but on the flip-side, they can show some scary DIY hair projects. why isn't there a happy in-between for pretty summer hair?

i'm aiming for this:

and trying to stay away from this (sorry khloe!): 

see the difference? 

i've booked an appointment for cut & color at my salon in minneapolis, haus salon. hopefully they will guide my poor soul into the right direction without making me look like a lost kardashian sister. i'm ready for pretty hair!


sundays have been the best days for wandering the city. last sunday, i went to two sales - a rummage sale featuring vintage designer labels and a garage sale of sorts featuring vendors from the midwest area. i found some great pieces, like a vintage armani silk blouse and a sonia rykiel trenchcoat.

but today was my first time at the best of the best - the randolph street market. this weekend not only was the first weekend opener of the year, it also marks its 10th anniversary. it's impossible to walk through the aisles of vendors without finding something you'll like. i picked up a pair of 70s lucite tray tables for my apartment for a steal! and it was difficult to tear myself away from these gorgeous mid-century modern chairs that i spotted... and that was my problem with the furniture. jewelry and clothing vendors were mostly indoors, most of which offered vintage designer labels for very reasonable prices. YSL, gucci, balmain... seriously. it's worth a look.

if you're ever in town, randolph street market is open the last weekend of every month from 10-5 pm. it's only $10 to get in, $5 if you're a student! more information is available at their website:


hey guys, i moved! :)

i'm now living in chicago - more specifically, in the lakeview neighborhood. i'm 2 blocks away from lake michigan, and i love my apartment. if you remember, i spent a few weeks here about 2 years ago for work and now i'm officially working in chicago. i can't wait to see what the city has to offer in terms of fashion and style, and i can't wait to share everything i find with all of you! 


fashion for a good cause? yes please! earlier this month i had the pleasure of attending the united way's WINGs flight of fashion 2013, an event featuring fashion from local boutiques and designers. hosted and styled by grant whittaker, the runway segments were split into high fashion cities of the world: NYC, paris, tokyo, milan, and madrid. in between segments, grant and allison kaplan, shopping and style editor of Mpls St. Paul Magazine, recapped each look, commenting on current trends and inspiration. the collection of garments that went down the runway were more than most fashionistas could handle. my eyes widened when i saw a vintage chanel couture tulle dress. and the leather? beautiful and buttery leather garments that made me weak in the knees.

"it's so important that we support the community, and what better way than to do that with fashion?"  WINGs (women investing in the next generation), a division of the United Way, is all about investing in women by offering them resources and tools to maintain financial stability while expanding their skills to help "take flight."

the event reached out to the local community for support. runway looks were provided by boutiques including grethen house, june, fashion avenue, and arrow minneapolis; local designers emma berg and stephanie lake also provided pieces for the runway. the elixery, a minneapolis-based cosmetic house, created a custom shade called "take flight" - a sheer neutral pink - with proceeds going to WINGs.

flight of fashion was a reminder of the strength, influence, and power that a community has to forge new paths for women. it's often that we hear of international struggles but it's not often that we hear about the individual stories that happen in our community.


it's still freezing here and it seems like spring is never coming. i'm trying to do a little bit of online shopping to distract myself from that bitter cold reality outside my window. i'm ready for dress weather and bare legs. maybe a little bit of color if i'm feeling really crazy, and a bright color for the sun (!!!) to shine on. i never need a reason or occasion for a new dress - it's just that i always want a new dress!

these designer dresses from max studio would be perfect for a nice outdoor event, hopefully with a cocktail in hand. i have a soft spot for dresses like these - minimal yet feminine - and they come in a handful of bright spring colors. these dresses are easy to style: dress them up or dress them down. when i'm thinking about something that can be a little more casual, i usually imagine those days when i'm in a time crunch and i grab the first thing i see - dress and a pair of shoes - and i run out the door. there's a handful of great transitional day-to-night dresses, too. the tubular tank dress is simple enough to wear on its own, or it could be paired with statement heels for a night out. their black tie dresses can be for that special evening event, but they're flexible enough to wear for other occasions as well.

and if i'm feeling the dark side? plenty of black dresses - right up my alley. some of them have a little lace, a little sheerness, and a little bit of flirtiness too. i'm kind of in love with the crinkled silk chiffon long dress. you can never go wrong with all black everything.

*sponsored post in collaboration with max studio


in one week, another H&M womens' brand launches online. unfortunately for us americans, "& other stories" will be available to 10 european countries online with shops opening in major european cities, just another reason why i'm ready to jump on a plane back to amsterdam or paris. 

the most noteworthy part of & other stories is their beauty line, available now at colette online. colette has international shipping! now if only they stocked the entire line from & other stories... 



while most stores have already cleared out their fall/winter collections, i'm still stuck with a real stubborn minnesotan winter and a desire for more knits. i'm back on my thrift game and i've finding some really great sweaters for under $10. for the month of february, i'll highlight some of my best thrift finds as my thrifting adventures continue. stay tuned!