à bout de souffle

i was thinking that this french film class on french new wave and senegalese cinema was going to be really dry and boring, but it turns out, it's somewhat interesting. but, newsflash: i know nothing about film. more precisely, the history of film, the foundation of cinema. i don't know any notable directors from film noir or french new wave. i haven't seen citizen kane. i don't think i've seen any hitchcock films either. i'll dedicate one weekend to watch "classic" films, an intro to film 101.

"breathless" is a beautiful movie, but still, after watching it only a few hours ago, i'm a little confused. i never know what i should be looking for, as far as symbolism goes, and what camera angles mean this, and all of that film critique jargon. there's a 30 minute scene that takes place in patricia's bedroom. i never thought something that sounds so boring would be somewhat captivating. i want to find a dress similar to the one that patricia (jean seberg) wore in the film. a sleek dress with buttons.

i haven't posted any outfits, i know. i hate propping the camera on a shelf or on books, so i'm waiting to get my tripod from home. until then, expect boring posts, or maybe no posts at all.