i don't ever go out to eat more than once in a day, but since dan was in town and i don't ever see him, i figured, why not?

me and tim woke up around 1 pm, starving. we went to sen yai sen lek, a thai restaurant over in northeast on central avenue. i love going there, and i think that i can say that it's my favorite thai place.

i can't ever remember what we order, but this time, it was great. the last time we went, we ordered two noodle dishes. one was amazing, the other... not so much. we weren't really sure what it was supposed to taste like, or if we were doing something wrong.

we had a reservation for hell's kitchen at 6, early enough so we could run to my house to watch last night's episode of lost. it ended up being four of us: dan, corey, me, and tim. the last time i went to hell's kitchen was before they moved. it's now located right by target off nicollet. it looks much bigger now, wish i could've snapped a picture of it.

i'm thinking of going to hell's kitchen for my 21st, just to try out their drinks. "leather daddy"? i couldn't stop giggling. dan ordered a "doggie-style" ale. we were all finishing up, and dan was still hungry, so he ordered their famous lemon-ricotta hotcakes. i was impressed, he finished it all. cat house has yet to go to hell's kitchen for breakfast. now that the weather's warming up, i think it'll be more likely that we'll head down to nicollet in the coming weeks.