embarrassing moment: i posted a blog entry for this blog to a shared music blog. let's pretend it never happened.

gilly hicks, victoria's secret, elle macpherson

even more embarrassing - my attempt to stop shopping. i announced on twitter that i'd try to hold off until my birthday, july 16th. one week in, and well, you can guess what happened. i went underwear shopping. get to your nearest gilly hicks (i know that nobody gets excited about shopping at an a&f flagship) for their summer clearance sale. bras from $15 to $20, originally much pricier, and underthings for as little as $4. i don't want to say how much i ended up spending, and i'm afraid i'll be back for round 2 when i get paid. working at the mall of america has turned me into a freak spender.

last week, my roommate and i went to a rummage sale in south minneapolis: i FINALLY picked up a tripod for only $2 and added another polaroid camera to my collection - a total of 3 polaroid cameras (the second one was found on top of a dumpster). i'd say that it's been a good start to the thrifting/garage sale season.