i switched out of my work shift so i could go to the vita.mn fashion show tonight and i almost didn't make it in - another event that was 21 plus but was not mentioned anywhere, the tickets said 'all ages' as well. i got in, but i had to deal with condescending attitudes and i was treated like i was a booze-hungry 16 year old. regardless, it was a great show, i snapped a few pictures but my battery died halfway through the show.

this outfit was designed by max lohrbach, a local designer that blew me away: a quick google search yields his page on mnartists.org. it was refreshing to see something unique from a local designer that i'd consider buying from that holds its own as fashion, something outside of a classic look.

the show featured few local artists - a little disappointing - and a handful of retailers from the mall of america. overall, not too bad, but i would've liked more diversity. once i knock down this 21-plus obstacle next month, i shouldn't have any more problems with any restrictions. anything worth going to is 21 plus.