turns out that i'm no handyman, who would've guessed? i tried to hang things in my room and wound up putting a dime-sized hole in the wall. so i'm just gonna go with my gut and probably wind up ruining the walls of this apartment. me and kara are just starting on our frame wall again, and we're going to fill up the space above the couch. pictures will be posted when it's close to being completed. in other furnishing news, we'll be headed to hunt & gather's sale this weekend in minneapolis (50th & xerxes). they have beautiful antiques & furniture, and i don't even care, I WANT A WINGBACK CHAIR. more importantly, we need a rug, but i'm sure we'll be able to find something.

possible diy project -- thrifting a leather skirt and turning it into this sophomore leather skirt:

(image via

yes? yes.