remember when i wanted these?! i got 'em! best $30 i've spent. i get tons of compliments when i wear them, and i'm a sucker for suede shoes. i also have a thing for wedges...

the main reason i'm blogging? to keep myself from attacking this mound of homework that's waiting for me. it's been awhile since i've posted some real photos, so here goes. this is what i wore today, and shhhh, i wore it out to dinner tuesday night, sort of. shhhh. wearing james perse upside-down jacket, AA chemise, h&m skirt (new! bought it last week) and target tights. shoes are from urban outfitters.

i went to june resale with kara to check out the luehmann event. i bought a pair of beautiful rabbit fur earmuffs! so excited for these, and i got them for a great price--$15.

i went through a whirlwind of events this week: almost having to get rid of my cat, papers on top of papers, presentations that i hate giving (specialement, les presentations francaises!). winter break... i'm waiting for you.