anyone else catch the leonid showers? we drove half an hour north, past columbus, mn, and parked on an off-road. cops drove by to see what we were doing, but they realized we were just watching the showers. i thought i'd be able to capture SOMETHING with a camera but i had no luck. according to my good friend dan, i captured orion's nebula (bottom right of the photo). i've got more pictures at my flickr.

anyway, on to the wishlist. right around pay day, i obsessively look online for things i want since i know i can only get a few things due to my limited spending budget. this week, i'm not sure what to go for.

neutrals and blacks... of course. can't decide if i wanna cough up $125 for chanel no 5 eau premiere. i desperately need a new perfume. pamela love cross ring is definitely a stretch, but hey, that's what wishlists are all about.