i learned my lesson yesterday: if i want to cook, i better do it when the workers aren't chipping away at our bathroom (we're getting it redone). they worked from 9-5 yesterday and were in and out of the kitchen, hauling away the bathtub and pieces of drywall. so, this morning i woke up around 9:45 a.m. and started cooking. for lunch, i baked a tilapia fillet seasoned with salt, pepper and a little bit of lemon juice. the fillet is buried underneath my signature entrée, the classic risotto dish. the french bread is topped with some garlic & herb alouette spread and sprinkled with parmegiano reggiano and parsley! doesn't look too exciting, but i'm glad that i could put together a meal for myself that didn't come out of a box, as much as i love annie's mac and cheeses. i made a giant batch of risotto which i'll save for later, and i decided to make some garlic "smashed" potatoes for later too. now i won't be tempted to reach for the boxed mac and cheese.