photos from last friday @ kitty kat club. first photo: john's DIY blazer inspired by the blazer adam lambert wore for his AMA performance, complete with studs, chains, and an added bonus--screws. went out thursday, friday, and saturday without blinking at my homework. saturday night, i went to see zero 7 at epic nightclub. good vibe, but i don't really dig the venue. it's still a little hard for me to see it as something other than the quest. (anyone remember?)

tim and i went out for lunch at ginger hop in NE minneapolis earlier on saturday. verdict: good, not great. i'll give it another shot sometime--we tend to be unimpressed by restaurants that have just recently opened, though i will say, there is an exception: sen yai sen lek. anyway, i would like to try the place next door -slash- connected to ginger hop: honey. i took a peek at the menu and it seems promising.

anyway, i'll end this post with one last photo. i got my christmas present early!