for the past few days, i've been feeling awful: everything's hazy and my throat's swollen. i woke up and i couldn't talk. yuck. i considered calling it a sick day, but i wound up going to two out of three classes. after my cultural studies class today, john and i went to camdi for lunch--i just wanted something hot. i've been craving pho for so long, and i finally got it! okay, and i couldn't resist getting an order of cream cheese wontons either...

this is what john had, couldn't remember what it was called. it looked good.

a few nights ago, a few of us went out for drinks at the red dragon after our coworker's last day at work. if you're not familiar with the restaurant, they're known for deceivingly strong drinks.

most of us ordered french lemonades, and to this day, i still haven't been able to finish one. one day!