a mild case of insomnia got the best of me last night, and i thought i'd do a mini photoshoot at 2 a.m. a good friend of mine passed these vintage pieces along to me and i have yet to wear them! i'll save the jacket for when spring finally comes to minnesota, when the weather gets warm enough to wear just the jacket. that might translate to mid 40s? 50s for sure. the moschino... well, i'm not entirely sure when i'll throw it on, but is it too much to wear it out with red lips (the lips on the dress are outlined in red)?

i'm not-so-patiently waiting for the arrival of a few items i purchased last week. i received my rosary from la dama (I LOVE IT) and a scorpio rising dress that i'm not too sure about. forever21 rings are still in the mail, they're supposed to arrive tomorrow, eek!