i'm feeling guilty that haven't updated in about a week, but i'm currently caught up in a few assignments and edits for things i've shot in the past few days. to avoid looking at my homework for a little while longer, i present two of the most recent design and fashion conscious blogs that i've stumbled upon. needless to say, when i found these a few weeks ago... my inspiration folder probably gained about a gigabyte of new photos--breathtaking photos of pretty things!

••• dress design & decor - a daily blog: blogger daniella & her blog gives me plenty of design inspiration and further reinforces my dream of living in a house with whites and greys and pretty little chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. and like the rest of us, we love jessica stam, too. creative editorials and advertisements are featured from time to time... yes, ones that are worth the right-click + save.

••• erin ever after: this blog is all over the design spectrum--fashion, weddings, home, type/stationary. this covers all the bases. it all makes me envious of those who have houses to decorate. one day...