my favorite time of the winter season? end of season sales. i always find what i need, like tights that i wanted but didn't want to pay full price for. these are from anthro! they're cute enough to motivate me to incorporate a little more color in my wardrobe. and if you have been reading my twitter, you'd know that i bought a 3.1 phillip lim shirtdress yesterday for $36! it's perfect for spring, but i have to admit, i'm wearing it right now.

this past weekend, i indulged in the extra 50% off sale at urban outfitters. for around $60, i bought two pairs of oxfords, a tweed blazer, a floral zip corset and a silk fringe tank. last week (HA!) i bought a few things too and i got the price adjusted. so the fringe suede heels i bought for $20 last week? they're $5 this week. yes!

summary: after this spending binge, i think i need to cool it for awhile. gotta save my money for spring break!