most blog posts come on rainy days, or when i finally get some real downtime. last week was the final week of classes, and tomorrow is the last day i'll have to do any work for school--a bit bittersweet, i suppose. years and years of schooling, i'm sure i'll miss it in a few years. anyways, i've neglected to post any of my own photos in the last few posts, so here's the pair of shoes that i bought on that weekend trip to chicago a few weeks back. outfit posts to come someday? hopefully soon. i'm going to order a remote for my camera as soon as i get my next paycheck (it's really tiresome to put the camera on self-timer and try to get a good shot).

anyway, a friend from out of town came to visit minneapolis last weekend and he's just put photos up at his site from the past weekend: check out his other photos! he's wrapping up his last days as an intern in the photo department at spin magazine. serious respect for those who can shoot film like he does.