i've been lucky enough to have my days off grouped together: i was off this past thursday, friday & sunday. a few of us coworkers met up for brunch on sunday and shared some stories (and passed around some pictures) from the night before. my friend tyra and i spotted cibus on our first day in dallas. we remembered it for this sole reason: bottomless mimosas and bellinis. yum. i ordered the eggs al forno and was not disappointed. the sausage was delicious!

after brunch, we headed to clothes circuit. but, we were lured into sprinkles cupcakes. tyra is gluten-free, and it was a surprise that they served gluten-free cupcakes. her verdict: best gluten-free red velvet cupcake ever. i bought a vanilla and red velvet cupcake - so good! hope i make it back before i leave.

i've yet to make a "night out in dallas" post.. that'll come soon enough - a few of my coworkers will be leaving on wednesday and we'll make sure to have a proper send-off for them! stay tuned for those photos...