i found svpply before i heard about, and for the time being, i'm sticking with svpply. seems limiting, only allowing you to peruse through clothing and shop designer and celebrity boutiques; however, is more fashion and designer focused.

svpply is "a collection of the products you love," including home decor, clothing, accessories, and media. it's quite simple: by adding a bookmark link to your browser, you can add products to your svpply with a click of button as you browse other sites. it helps me keep track of things that i like and things that i'd like to buy. i like finding quirky and unique little things i wouldn't normally find online through other svpply members. i wouldn't be blogging about this if i didn't believe in it. it's a great site.

friends, please help me make christmas shopping easier and sign up on svpply. here's my svpply.