it's been a while since i've updated, but i've been a little tied up the past two weeks. i've been searching for a new apartment (and trying to find a subleaser for my room), which is a very tiring search. i also worked on two shoots that will release in the next month or so: one for MNfashion and the second, for maritza ramirez' collection for cliché's "avoid the grey" fashion show this weekend. pictured above is peter of spinario design and gallery, located in northeast minneapolis, where we shot maritza's collection this past weekend. beautiful and unique pieces in the store - wish i had to money to take a few of them home with me.

and now, for some good news: i'll be headed to coachella 2011 this year, and i was lucky enough to buy my ticket before they sold out. phew! can't wait to go, this year's lineup is definitely worth it.