i've been back in minneapolis for a week now. though i'm glad i'm back home, i miss dallas. i'm not one who usually writes up new years resolutions for myself, but this year's different: i'm not in school anymore. pulled from my tumblr, here's a glimpse into what i'd like to accomplish for this new year:

PHOTO // i look at the work of young artists (16 year olds), and i’m jealous of their talent. i’ve lost most of my creative drive since college graduation. it’s time to get more creative with my photo work. i’d like to jump back into film: more specifically, i’d like to start working with medium format. i admit, i may have been worn out by photo requests and work i’ve done. here’s to a new year of photo work that i’ll be shooting on my own terms. i need to remind myself that pushing boundaries is the only way i’ll be able to grow.

PLACE // this not only speaks to where i live, but where i am in life. no longer can i consider myself a “recent graduate,” it’s been almost a year since. i see myself in minneapolis for maybe another year: after that, it’ll be time to jump ship. traveling to dallas may have been the highlight of 2010: it taught me that collaborative creative communities exist everywhere - minneapolis/st. paul just happens to have a very strong community. in the next year, i hope to find a place i can move to and live outside of this minneapolis mindset i’ve grown up with, and with that, i hope to solidify the place i find myself as i go from 22 to 23.

here's to 2011, folks!