my weekend in NYC was the perfect escape from the midwest. when i left on friday, it snowed later that night in minneapolis. i stayed with my friends in bed stuy, and we ate a lot of good food while i was there: brunched at juliette's, sipped on bloody mary's at project parlor, and dined at bonchon. okay, and we had some delicious pizza delivery saturday night while watching burlesque since it was raining like crazy. we went shopping in soho, which was very overwhelming for me. i also got to hit the oak sale on its second day: not much left, but i managed to find a sweater.

i'd been to new york city many times before when i was kid, about 10 years ago. i think this trip helps me realize that i'm not as tied to minneapolis as i thought i was. i'm putting NYC on my list of cities i'm considering moving to.