the caged bird

i've never been to a joynoelle show before, but thanks to mary o'regan (art of wore) who was kind enough to extend an invite, i attended my first show of her's last night at grand cafe in south minneapolis, along with kitty cotten, kara nesvig, and ellen of the minneapoline. the grand cafe itself is an intimate venue aside from being the location for this show - chairs lined one of the hallways and wrapped around to the front of the cafe. i'd only known joynoelle's work from a few bridal editorials i've seen, and it was breathtaking to see these dresses walk by in person. loved the silhouettes of the dresses, loved the interpretation of "the caged bird" throughout her collection, wasn't particularly fond of the birds on the dresses... but i definitely know a handful of girls who would love to get their hands on one of those dresses. my favorites? the structured "cage" dresses, which reminded me of structured lines in a few dresses from christopher kane fall 2009. wish this hadn't been my first time at one of her shows, but i can definitely say that it won't be my last.

after the show, we walked over to her boutique and atelier a few blocks down from the cafe. and of course, her boutique is beautifully decorated - i think i can let the photos speak for themselves.