even though i flew back to the states a week ago, i still feel a little jetlagged. i had the most amazing time in tokyo, and i know i have to go back: one week isn't enough. we stayed at a hostel in asakusa, which is a beautiful district of tokyo that has a more traditional japanese feel in comparison to other districts. we did visit harajuku street, and i was surprised that i didn't see many people dressed up. we even went on the most popular day, sunday. my favorite area was shibuya - lots of hustle and bustle. and surprise - shibuya is known for its fashion and shopping, as well as its nightlife. unfortunately, i got sick the last night we were in tokyo, so i couldn't join my friends when they went out to shibuya. aside from the one night of illness, the food in japan was phenomenal. we ate plenty of noodles, sushi, and my new personal favorite, tempura. out of the four of us, no one knew japanese. we were very fortunate that most japanese menus have photos of their dishes. we simply pointed to pictures and nodded. the best thing i could do was say "arigato gozaimasu." my japanese could definitely use some work.

i took so many photos while in japan, but i've only chosen a few of my favorites to post on the blog. if you'd like to see more, i've posted all of the photos on my flickr.