apologies for a delayed MSPFW follow up post. two runway shows will wrap my fashion week coverage - "the shows" and "resurgent." with its fall debut last year, "the shows" continues to showcase established local designers. the lineup this year included kjurek by kimberly kjurek, kr designs, emma berg, and amanda christine. these designers showed beautiful collections on the runway at 512 studios. view the full gallery of "the shows" at my flickr.


(emma berg)

(amanda christine)

at st. paul's amsterdam bar and hall, "resurgent" was the first runway show from a collective of designers (tim+thom, katy schmaty jewelry, camille fashions) under the label "you and me." with the combination of the hair and makeup, the designs, the jewelry, and the concept of the show, i felt that "resurgent" would have been shown best as a presentation instead of a runway show. view the full gallery of "resurgent" at my flickr.

while MSPFW moved to align itself with the industry calendar, it seems that MNfashion events and designers may still be in its transition period. it was hard to determine if we were seeing a spring/summer collection versus a fall/winter collection with the events during MSPFW. with such a change, there will always be opportunities to grow and improve. with that said, i'm hoping to see a stronger fashion week later this fall. thanks to l'etoile magazine for the opportunity to cover MSPFW!