the weather's finally warming up to a point where i can safely make the decision to stow away my winter coats and sweaters for the year. so what have i been up to in the past few weeks? mostly work, but a little bit of play - i've been working on some special photo projects that i'm really excited to release when the time comes. i haven't done as much thrifting as i'd like to, but i did pick up these earrings from hunt & gather not too long ago. they remind me of when i used to sneak into my mom's closet and try on her jewelry. and the tom ford? i just told myself that i needed it.

these days, change is in the air. things here in the scene are shifting. a few friends are moving away from the city. kara and i are planning on giving our apartment a makeover... sure, that's not quite as life changing. next week, i'm going to my very first hair appointment for a cut. i'm scared, but i'm ready to embrace change. change is good.