i just got back from a trip to madison after participating in a blogger panel for UW madison's first fashion week, kicked off by MODA magazine. i was invited to speak at a blogger panel on wednesday about blogging with other midwest fashion bloggers: style block, glamor guru, fashion farm boy, and what i wore. we answered some great questions about having a successful blog, magazine print vs. blogging, photography, and some other questions related to blogging. i broke my flash last week, so sadly, i don't have any of my own photos of the event. the style block & fashion farm boy have some great ones though!

since i've been thinking about writing this type of post for awhile, it's time for some serious blog talk. writing for a blog isn't always easy, but it doesn't have to melt your brain either. i view everything as a "work in progress." i'll always try to find new ways to improve my content and different angles to take when writing posts. the more you blog, the more comfortable you'll feel and it'll become easier as you go.

if you're thinking about starting a blog, here are a few tips i think are important to keep in mind:
- creating a blog = creating your brand. future employers can see it, your family can see it, anyone in the world can see it. stay true to yourself but make sure you also keep it professional.
- don't be afraid to express your opinion, even if it's negative. there's nothing more annoying than seeing blogs regurgitating the same opinion. it's okay to write with a more critical viewpoint. you don't have to love EVERYTHING.
- post regularly. (i am awful at this.) doesn't have to be every day. think quality over quantity.

thanks to mia and the moda magazine staff for inviting me to come out to madison! and check out these blogs too! good reminders that you don't need to live in a fashion capital to have a fashion blog.