although fashion week has been over for quite some time, i appreciate that the creative minds in MSP has been producing some shows to feed our fashion appetites. men's fashion seems to come as an afterthought, but after this show, i'm excited to see the future of menswear shows here in the twin cities. last saturday's "it's a man's world fashion event" was a men's only presentation, bringing local and national designers together in one event, as well as national retailers. and the men who attended the event? some of them were just as inspiring as the looks that walked down the runway. the non-traditional venue for a runway event was interesting and refreshing - a great way of thinking outside of the box. models walked down a staircase and a small runway, an aisle with chairs lined on both sides. the one thing i would've liked to see in the venue was more lighting - it was difficult to see and shoot some of the looks once models stepped off the staircase. with shows that rely on styling, i like to see some looks that are both wearable and some that break the rules. some sections seemed a little off - an accessory that didn't make sense, a shirt that wasn't tucked in, shoes that didn't match the look. styling shows isn't easy... i've experienced this first hand. styling menswear and womenswear is very different, but the key to a great look is to make sure it fits properly. menswear isn't easy, but i applaud the ladies of secrets fashion agency for taking a chance and presenting a good-looking show.