confession: i lose things... all the time. the worst things are rings and necklaces. and then i just stopped buying jewelry altogether because i felt like i was throwing money away. i thought that buying $10 necklaces was okay - not that it's wrong, but when i'd lose a necklace, i wasn't worried since i'd only spent $10. we all know that quality does not come with the price. rings tarnish, necklaces break, and then i cry because i'm thinking that i wasted yet another $60 on cheap jewelry.
buying my first "expensive" necklace changed things - an iosselliani necklace. i realized that i would feel more responsible for keeping track of something i'd spent more than $100 on. twisted logic, right? i should just be more organized, but hey, i'm taking baby steps. last night, i was talking with kara about how terrible i am at accessorizing my outfits now. so i'm going to try to invest in a few simple yet versatile pieces. the hardest part about this is figuring out WHICH pieces and where. consider this as a research post. and then help me if you have suggestions.

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