my first run-in with this scarf was about two and a half years ago in dallas, texas: an alexander mcqueen silk chiffon scarf. i met fred through a friend of mine, and we went out to several different bars in dallas. towards the end of the night, i wound up with the scarf around my neck and if i hadn't been conscious of my spending habits then, i probably would have ran to the closest store to pick one up for myself.

the hardest part about all of this? deciding on which color i'd pick. black and white is always an easy choice, but should i opt for color to work into my summer wardrobe?

if you're looking to pick one up ASAP, harrod's is offering 30% off select items for their "fashion sale preview" until tomorrow (june 13), including a few alexander mcqueen skull accessories, as well as other items on their online website. don't worry - they ship to the states!