for the past 2 years, i've styled my hair the exact same way. the only thing that's changed is that i'm not afraid to brush it every now and then. i used to think that i was rocking the messy bedhead look pretty well until i realized that it just looks like i never brush my hair, which was mostly true. 

i'm ready for a change - but i don't know what kind of change. a couple of options i've laid out for myself - different kind of cut versus trim or cut & color. i'm having trouble envisioning such a drastic change but i feel like it's totally necessary. also: it's just hair! it'll grow back. 

but the big question - how can i add color into my hair that's manageable without doing an ombre? i really like the graduated color look on hair through balayage (it's a french technique where color is applied freehand to create a more natural look versus foil or cap highlighting). i've been reading a lot about balayage and the technique can yield an ombre effect, but i'm not looking to make my hair look like an at-home dip dye project. pinterest boards are full of celebrities with beautiful hair, but on the flip-side, they can show some scary DIY hair projects. why isn't there a happy in-between for pretty summer hair?

i'm aiming for this:

and trying to stay away from this (sorry khloe!): 

see the difference? 

i've booked an appointment for cut & color at my salon in minneapolis, haus salon. hopefully they will guide my poor soul into the right direction without making me look like a lost kardashian sister. i'm ready for pretty hair!